There was she. The little girl who was named Ann by her parents. She was just there, standing still on the crowded walkways. She was alone, but the look in her eyes told people otherwise.

Ann was with her parents walking on the pretty walkways in Venice, enjoying all the views she could see. It wasn’t her first time visiting Venice, but it was her first time to be amazed by Venice’s beauty after her eyes had been finally healed with 15 painful times of eye surgeries.

Ann’s eyes were foreign to the world, her eyes were surprised by the little things Ann could spot. The world welcomed Ann’s sparkling eyes warmly by showing her the beauty of nature and people and Ann gladly accepted it.

Ann’s eyes were damaged when she was a baby , nobody knew what happened but the doctors said that somehow her pupils couldn’t control the amount of light coming in properly and that her did not have the ability to focus on objects or views. Her parents were heartbroken after hearing it, but the good thing was after many of their faithful prayers, a specialized young doctor came to them and informed the two parents that Ann’s eyes could be healed.

“For real !?” Ann’s mom shrieked in happiness while her husband hugged her tight.

The young doctor nodded and smiled at the two parents and since then, Ann received many types of eye treatments to prepare her eyes for the coming surgery.

“I planned out this to completed in 5 times of surgery. And the cost for the surgeries shall be free.” The young doctor stated one day after the special treatments for Ann.

The married couple thanked the young doctor and they shook the young doctor’s hand with excitement.


Five times surgery, and it was a success, Ann and Ann’s parents only needed to count days before taking the bandages off Ann’s eyes. The young doctor reminded Ann’s two parents to give extra care to Ann’s eyes for the eyes would still be very fragile.

But things don’t alwas go that smoothly in life. At night, three more days to take Ann’s bandages off and an accident happened. Like the first time, no one knew when or how it happened, but Ann’s eyes were once again damaged. The two rushed their 4 year-old daughter in panic to the young doctor’s hospital and Ann’s eyes were immediately checked.

“Excessive light have entered her eyes which caused serious damages to it. This is strange, how did it happened ?” The young doctor asked, slightly shaking his head.

Ann’s dad shook his head with confusion and despair. The young doctor understood and he contined checking in silence.

The next morning after it happened Ann got her sixth eye surgery, the result was that now her eyes are saved from the danger but still has a long way to go until it is healed.
The month after it she got another surgery and by that time Ann had turned 5.
Time flies , her tenth surgery came to her, she turned 6. And in her tenth surgery am accident happened inside her eyes which meant that more suregeries would be coming to her.

Two of her parents could only have faith that Ann’s eyes would be healed. Ann had grown into a sweet and caring child, she had hope and she was loved by her parents, and the mighty Creator.


The process showed good signs for the future. They were just one step away from finish.


It succeeded. At the end of treatments. Nothing bad happened to Ann’s eyes, Ann’s eyes were finally healed.

It was an achievement for the young doctor, Ann’s two parents and for Ann herself. None of them gave up, absolutely none of them, even in the hardest times.

Faith , Hope , Love was what they had to continue fighting and to not give up.



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