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Real Friends versus Fake Friends

Many of us might be wondering if we have any actual friends who would care about us at all and I am sure that all of us want real friends, but sometimes people get confused between ‘friends’ and ‘real friends’.

What is the difference ?

Now I’m sure that at least some of us have known that friend who kept on saying that they miss you , but never show any effort ? That’s certainly NOT a real friend.
Or that friend who kept on indirectly telling us to do what they want and only want us to sacrifice for them. Here I’ll give you am example :

df( dat friend ) : ” I miss you a lot why don’t you come to my place ? ”
you : *sacrifices your time and energy to go to df’s place even tho it’s really far* [repeat incidence for many times and df never show that they have the initiative to use their time and energy to go to your place]

You get annoyed and when df does this again:
Df: I miss you so much come to my place
You: umm why don’t you come to my place ?
Df: oh I’m too busy and I’m kinda sick so can you come to my place ? ( uses sick or busy excuse for more than 10 times )
If something like that happens, you should try to act a little bit cold to them to see if they would really miss you and ask if they could come to your place to visit or not.
OR that friend who never let you finish your sentence, by this I don’t only mean by cutting your sentence but also changing the topic or not paying attention. And those friends would talk about their own problems and beg and cry for you to help solving it once you’re done talking. Those kinds of people aren’t even your ‘friends’ , they’re your parasite companion with a huge ego.

real friends would give out their time no matter how busy they are , at least if they are really that busy, they would try to keep in touch with you as often as possible and not only talking about that problems but asking how you are too.
Real friends would listen too anyway , not only do they listen , but they would sacrifice their energy to try hard cheering you up.
Real friends wouldn’t want their pal’s work to be one sided, they want to loe back their pal who loves them. And they would come over to your place no matter how far it is from their house, or they would try to video call you if they love out of city or country.

Don’t be confused with friends who would spend time with you when you’re in your best shape and those who would lift you up at your worst.

That way we can see who is the real deal without being bothered by the fake ones .